more than just a pretty cake.

i also occasionally (manically/maniacally) roll my own sushi. behold!

flavor sensations include (from the top down):
  • MK veggie - red pepper, spinach, carrot, cucumber, avocado
  • salmon avocado roll
  • the phoenix - salmon, avocado, cream cheese, red pepper and cilantro topped with lime-soaked jalapeƱo slices
  • cucumber avocado roll
  • le sucre - honey-drizzled pear and cucumber spears; topped with blackberry-serrano preserves before eating
  • the goldenrod - avocado and cream cheese innards topped with ripe, sweet mango (everyone's favorite)
all rolls (excluding the salmon avo & cuc avo) are my own creations. each roll was made with brown rice. pretty good for a self-taught, landlocked, Nebraska-raised cupcake queen, eh?


never fear.

O my sweet belle-cakes, I didn't forget about you. But after my first foray into
petit four territory went sour (real sour...except for a sweet almond-y Tiffany-blue fondant I shall always remember fondly) and a jaunt out of state, I haven't done much bakin' or homemakin'. Be patient, my pet. I'll have more for you soon.