a few of my favorite things.

1. Fiori di Sicilia Extract
AKA liquid sunshine. Adds a delicate, mysterious, intoxicatingly delicious hint of lemon blossoms and vanilla. Super next-level. I wish I could bathe in it (and probably should). Get it from King Arthur Flour.

2. Silicone Spatualas and "Spoonula"
Candy-colored and a cinch to clean. They also withstand heat like a dream, so they won't become melty wrecks if you accidently leave them sitting in a hot pan.

Plus Spoonula makes it sound like Dracula and your favorite stirring spoon were having a torrid affair and accidently sired the best tool ever. Williams Sonoma.

3. ISI Silicone mixing bowl
A miracle of the modern age. Folds, bends, pours, drizzles, and withstands heat up to 450°F (so you can even stick it in the oven). It's also dishwasher safe and stink-proof. I got mine at the Bowery Whole Foods but you can also grab one here for the same price. Mine is blood red.

4. Ball jars
Classy, classic and cheap. I store all my flours, sugars, nuts, rice, garlic and gear in these guys. Pick them up at Fishs Eddy (19th & Broadway in Manhattan) or go to their website and stock up.

5. Santoku knife
Supersharp, precise, and practically eternal? Yes please. And for every one of these babies sold, Kyocera donates $5 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation with a guaranteed minimum donation of $10,000. Good for your kitchen and your karma.

Happy feasting,
Miss Muffet