I spent a long time feeling left out of "regular" cooking/baking (that is, recipes for people with normal digestive systems that use flour and the like), and I don't want anyone who can eat regular flour to feel left out either. I don't want to scare away Gluteners.

So if you're feeling intimidated by words like "xanthan", or don't approve of my alternative flour alchemy, let me make things easy for you right now.

Any of my recipes can be simplified by using
  • AP flour (if you can eat it)*
  • Unblanched almond flour* (NOTE: almond meal and Bob's Red Mill almond flour will not work)
  • Coconut flour (which is a bit lighter than almond flour)*
  • or any other blend of gluten-free flours/mixes you prefer
instead of my flour suggestions and swapping them with your choice of flour on about a 1:1 basis (some tweaking may be necessary, but some trial-and-error, creativity and experimentation is what makes baking fun!).

So if a recipe calls for 1/2 C cornstarch, 1 C rice flour and 1/2 C potato starch/tapioca flour/whatever, simply substitute 2 C total of whatever flour/flour blend you want to use.

Make sense? From here on out I'll be experimenting with recipes with fewer, simpler ingredients. Ok. There. I'm relieved of the burden of truth.

Go read this book,

*you can omit the X-gum if you bake with these! Hooray! That biz is expensive...

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