Amish Fail

I don't even want to talk about the Amish Bread. It was a disaster. Something went horribly, horribly wrong, and I was so despondent (and busy learning the mystical ways of the tambourine so I could perform at CMJ and go on tour with my dear friend Neon Hitch) that I couldn't blog for months.

Honestly, the Amish Bread experiment turned into more of a crash course on how to brew your own moonshine rather than how to make your own sweet and delicious cake-like cinnamon-sugar bread to share with your favorite friends.


So I scrapped the entire project and moved onto bigger and better things: namely, another collaboration with Urban Outfitters! I can't divulge details just yet, but keep your eyes on the UO Blog in the upcoming weeks for an exclusive holiday treat from yours truly!

Until we eat again,

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  1. really like the picture of you, you look pretty! i follow you now by the way :)