Technicolor Dream Cake

This January marked more than just the start of a new decade...it was also my golden birthday! 24 on the 24th?!  That must be good luck or something.  So, to celebrate, I recreated my favorite childhood birthday treat:
This foot-tall treat was the most successful, MOST delicious thing I've ever made. Ever.  Six layers of hyper-pigmented, rich, dense, delightful cake...pure technicolor heaven!

I loosely used this posting from the lovely 17 and Baking blog as a guide--but of course glammed it up gluten-free style.  I'll post my actual recipe once my moving boxes arrive in LA and I can get into my cookbooks again!

Here's the progression:
...it looks like I'm cooking slabs of PlayDoh
Layered with buttercream...
Très artistic crumb coat...
Final product:

So lovely!  So delicious!  And so tall!
A perfect way to ring in my 24th year, for sure.

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  1. Wow, looks very experimentally. The colors was very nice.. I like it. Keep it up. Ocean Frieght