What do you get when you mix one part Carmen Miranda, two parts sugar, and equal parts royal icing, glitter, and morbidity?

I've been obsessed with El Día de Los Muertos since childhood (a little weird, I know), but this October marks the first time I've ever actually made a calavera of my very own. I'm quite proud!

I had the pleasure of taking a very informative and incredibly fun class from ReForm School, which I'm fortunate enough to live a block away from. After an hour and a half, I'm a semi-pro and fully addicted to making these things. (The big one even has rattling brains!)
The result: confections that are simultaneously flamboyant and celebratory while giving a nod to the dark side. I love!
Next up: muertos-inspired cupcakes. 
I'm leaning towards tres leches cakes with technicolor Calaveras piped on top; or spicy-cinnamon Mexican chocolate cakes topped with shimmery buttercream skulls... Or maybe just good old fashioned sugar cookies revamped as colorful skulls! The possibilities seem endless.
Calavera cookie (via Cake Central)

What do you think?


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