Pumpkin Season

Especially pumpkin carving.

Behold, my creations:

Cantankerous ole cultivar carcass

My beau's homage to Evil Dead

And the pièce de résistance: 
my beloved Harry Potter pumpkin!
My nerdiness knows no bounds...

But no carving session is complete without a proper snack.  (And nothing's more fun than sloppily eviscerating a gourd-like object and harvesting its contents.) 

Here's how to roast the best pumpkin seeds this side of the river Styx:

1 pumpkin's worth of seeds, rinsed and de-gooped
1/4 C Earth Balance (or even betterbutter), melted
Finely ground Pink Himalayan Salt or sea salt, to taste
  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  • Rinse your plethora of seeds in a colander under cold water.  
  • Discard any orange goop/pumpkin guts.  Pat dry with paper towel.
  • Get your melted Earth Balance situated in a nice big bowl.
  • Add pumpkin seeds.  Coat well with buttery goodness.

  • Transfer seeds to parchment or foil-covered baking sheet.  Slop on any leftover Earth Balance.  Waste not!
  • Sprinkle liberally with salt.  (I'm obsessed with my pretty pink Himalayan salt, but sea salt is equally divine.)
  • Bake for  15 minutes, remove, stir seeds around, rotate pan, and bake 15 more minutes.

Snack on, you pumpkin-sculpting fiend, you!

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